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Equity Library Theater of New York


Coming in June!


The Woodside Players present short plays from 19th Century Broadway.


Saturday, June 10 at 12 PM - 2 PM

Langston Hughes Community Library & Cultural Center

100-01 Northern Boulevard, Corona, New York 11368


Saturday June 17th 12-2pm

Queens Library Astoria Branch

(Outdoor theater or indoor performance space)

14-01 Astoria Blvd.


“Woodside Players of Queens present an hour of rare short plays from 19th century Broadway and beyond. These staged readings, directed by Johnny Culver and Pamela Robbins, include drama, comedy and farce. Suitable for the entire family!

Free Admission. More info call 631 898 4205.!



Coming in July…


July 22 @12pm

NYPL 115th Street Branch

203 W 115th St, New York, New York 10026

(212) 666-9393


Equity Library Theater presents a staged reading of:


“Lil’ Miss Spitfire-the Musical”

Book by Samantha Talmage, DGA

Music and Lyrics by Robert Winthrop Talmage ASCAP


This is the inspiring untold story of Annie Sullivan, the Irish-American immigrant and eventual teacher of blind-deaf Helen Keller.


A cast of 18 brings to life young Annie’s journey of courage and perseverance.  Sadly, early in her life, she endures the loss of her mother, Alice and younger brother, Jimmie to tuberculosis.  Her father, Thomas becomes overwhelmed and gives the children away first to family members, then to the Massachusetts State Asylum.   Annie suffers from trachoma and is functionally blind and unable to read even the simplest of texts.


Along the way, eight eye surgeries are performed on this young girl and finally, she can see well enough to make sense of the printed page.  Annie now fully devotes herself to the rigors of learning and becomes class valedictorian at the Perkins School for the Blind in Boston.  It is there, Dr. Anagnos, the headmaster offers her a truly unique position to teach a rebellious blind-deaf girl from Alabama.


Runs about 90 minutes, free admission.


In August 2017, our summer play festival in New York! Thirty short plays over three weekends!


August 5th – 12pm

New York Public Library – George Bruce Branch Auditorium
518 West 125th Street (at Amsterdam Ave.)
New York, NY 10027-3407


Mark Blickley - Telemachus Triumphs

Lora Danley – A Midnight Rose

Josiah Mullins – Will You Marry Me?

Linda Kampley – The Lamp

Danny Mig – The White Room

Anghus Houvouras – Penmanship

Olivia Reevell Food that is not from a Can

Susan Masters – Going Home

Rosemary Frisino Toohey – Grace Goes To Sea

Steve Fogleman – The Glove



August 12th – 12pm

NYPL Harry Belafonte Auditorium

115th Street Branch

203 W 115th St, New York, New York 10026


Pamela Robbins – Great Strides

Amy Oestreicher – I’m A Woman…

Serena Cates – Five Silver Five Gold

Jim Gordon – A Stranger Calls

Lynn Marie Macy – Sister Resisters

Matt Sanders – Happy Halloween, Harry Houdini

Emilio Iasiello – Under the Big Top

Seth O’Neill – That Bee Gees Song

Vivian Lermond - Beach Wedding

Jack Gilhooey – Kennedy’s Acolytes



August 19th – 12pm

NYPL Harry Belafonte Auditorium

115th Street Branch

203 W 115th St, New York, New York 10026


Erin Moughon-Smith – For Mr Cuddles

Dana Jaffe – No Good Deed

Amy Bernstein – The Sacrifice

Matthew Ballistreri – Baby Book

Steve Burton – Close Enough

Boris Timanovsky – Rhododendron

Shirley King – Authentic

Lawrence DuKore – The Day Brando Died

Sam Plotkin – Microcosm

Jack Rushton – Theater People


Free admission to all.



Past Presentations…


February 11th 2017, 12pm

2017 NYPL Alvin Ailey Auditorium

115th Street Branch

203 W 115th St, New York, New York 10026

(212) 666-9393


A reading of a screen-play by Tom Meade




With Emily Meade, Phillip Ettinger and others.

Manhattan, the 1990s.
Celebrity dog walker Jack Meehan is celebrating one year clean and sober. After a day that includes rejections, potential job loss, and a very strange encounter in a diner, Jack ends up taking a trip down the rabbit hole that got him there to begin with. Chance meetings with friends old and new, and a past love, Jack finds himself in a series of uncomfortable, bizarre and life-threatening situations. He spends the next 24 hours just trying to get back home.


Free Admission.


Equity Library Theater of New York presents:

 “The Bermuda Curse”

A staged reading of a comedy by Johnny Culver.

March 4, 2017 @2:00PM

New York Public Library – George Bruce Branch Auditorium
518 West 125th Street (at Amsterdam Ave.)
New York, NY 10027-3407

(A B C D 1 to 125th Street)
(212) 662-9727


 Brady Blevin

Julie Kling

Susan Neuffer

Carole Serrano

Peyton Place, horses wearing blankets, the Flushing train, Chicklets gum, John Wayne and more in this one hour 1970’s comedy for the entire family! Free admission.


The Equity Library Theater Playwriting Festival – Winter 2017


Saturday January 28th

NYPL 53rd street Branch Auditorium at 1pm

18 W 53rd St, New York, NY 10019

(212) 714-8400

Free Admission




Martha’s King – Linda Ziering

Directed by Cynthia White w/Eleanor Boddie, Susanna Miller

Rosemary – Charles Lupia

Directed by Charles Lupia w/ Susan Palmer Everly, Charles Lupia

Swimming Out – Minette Greenberg

Directed by Minette Greenberg w/ Cam Kornman, Eve Sorel, Julie Torres

Tea with the Tin Man – Charles Leipart

Directed by Hall Hunsinger w/ Penny Lynn White

Free Association - Julie Weinberg

Directed by Norma Medina w/ Colin Chapin, Carole Monferdini, Anthony Scavone

Expecting Hamilton – Chip Bolcik
Directed by Betsy True w/Nick Webster, Kirsty Sadler


Hookup – Burton Crane

Directed by Burton Crane w/Burton Schwartz

Shock – Meny Beriro

Directed by Meny Beriro w/Kitty Hendrix, Jo Anna Perrin

Teresa’s Journey – Nancy Palmento Schuler

Directed and performed by Nancy Palmento Schuler

The Reflective Lie – Christina Gluck

Directed by Christina Gluck w/ Laura Hesse

Zero to Hero – Mary Teitelbaum

Directed by Yvonne (Bonnie) Cole w/ Nancy Ann Finn, Kyle McIlhone

How to be Dead – Benjamin Weiner

Directed by Keith Paul Medelis w/ Kurt Hellerich, Eric Weiner

We the People – John Cappelletti

Directed by John Cappelletti w/ Doug Rossi, Barry Sacker

Mountain Dew – J. Lois Diamond

Directed by J. Lois Diamond w/ Minette Greenberg, Carol London, Julia Torres

OMG – Pete Mergel


Best play today (chosen by the audience texting their choice to 631 898 4205),

 will receive a fancy Android Tablet!


Use of library space by Equity Library Theater for this program today does not indicate endorsement by The New York Public Library. Some actors appear courtesy of Equity. The recording/photographing of any of these pieces is permitted, only with prior approval. The order of the plays presented may vary from the above listing. Thanks John Flood!


Equity Library Theater past productions have included: A concert by the Village Light Opera Guild, Short Plays by John Ladd, KK Gordon and Craig Schwab, ATANST (new plays by New York writers), Ferry Tales (plays set on the Staten Island Ferry), a new play by Pamela Robbins, Katherine and Petruchio; (rare David Garrick version from 1750), assorted plays by members of the Provincetown Playhouse, and our annual winter and summer play festival!


Equity Library Theater future productions will include: A reading of a screenplay by Tom Meade (February 11), The Bermuda Curse, by Johnny Culver (March 4). And our 2017 summer play festival; 30 short plays over two weekends!   Look on Facebook for more info!


Woodside Players of Queens is now accepting submissions for their summer production of short one act comedies from the early 20th century Broadway. The show will run over two weekends in June at the Langston Hughes Theater in Corona, Queens, and one other location in Manhattan. If interesting in acting, or directing a one act, please send your resume and headshot to: woodsideplayersofqueens@gmail.com.


Do you have a full length play you’d like presented by Equity Library Theater, let us know!

We are always looking for new material to produce.


We are presenting a free creative writing class at the Queens Library Astoria branch.

Biweekly at noon - September 24th – May 27th, 2017. All genres welcome. Call 718 278 2220 for more info.


Look for us on Facebook!


Submissions are now being accepted for the New York's Equity Library Theater Summer 2017 Play Festival, to take place over two weekends in August at the NYPL Alvin Ailey Theater and the George Bruce Theater in New York City.

Seeking short plays (no more than 10 pp), from playwrights from all over the USA. Also seeking monologues (no more than 4pp). Musicals welcome!

Basic set requirements.

One submission per playwright. No unpleasant profanity, as this is a family friendly festival! No submission fee. Please include name, address, telephone number and email address on your submission. We do not produce your work, we provide a venue for you to present actors performing your play. There are no costs involved for anyone. Seeking actors and directors, too!

Deadline: April 15, 2017 (OVER)



Events from 2012


2013 Play Festival!


2014 Play Festival!


Events from 2015


2015 Play Festival!


Events from 2016


2016 Play Festival!


Equity Library Theater presented Three Hots and a Cot.


Equity Library Theater presented Plays by my Father.


Equity Library Theater presented Short plays by Johnny Culver (here)


Equity Library Theater presented an afternoon of short plays by John Ladd.


Equity Library Theater presented Catherine and Petruchio in 2014!


Equity Library Theater presented The Bermuda Curse in 2013!





Equity Library Theater Gives Itself a Party
Published: February 7, 1988


''AT Equity Library Theater, the actor is our focus,'' declared George Wojtasik, the theater's producing director.


Similar sentiments might be voiced by the director of almost any theater company, but none could say so with more conviction than Mr. Wojtasik. His Upper West Side Theater - the country's oldest actors' showcase -will celebrate its 45th season tomorrow at Town Hall with a benefit called ''My Funny Valentine,'' a program of Richard Rodgers love songs.


The theater, which is on the ground floor of an apartment building at Riverside Drive and 103d Street, has been something of an anomaly among New York performing-arts institutions since it was established in November 1943. The founders were Sam Jaffe of Actors' Equity Association and George Freedley, the theater curator for the New York Public Library.


''It was founded to showcase artists to people in casting positions and provide free theater'' to people who couldn't afford Broadway prices, said Mr. Wojtasik. ''At that time, if actors weren't working on Broadway, they had no other place to work. The showcase was born with E.L.T., and it even predated the Off Broadway movement by a few years.'' Over the years, more than 11,500 actors, directors and stage technicians have displayed their talents to producers, casting directors and agents in at least 600 productions at the theater, and Mr. Wojtasik said about 60 percent had gotten paid acting jobs as a result of those appearances.


With only about 5 percent of the city's 20,000 Equity members acting for a living at any one time, the theater has not only served as a remarkably successful theatrical employment agency, but it has also been a launching pad for hundreds of performers. Jason Robards was a little-known actor when he appeared in ''The Petrified Forest'' in 1955. James Earl Jones got his start in a 1959 production of ''Dark of the Moon.''


Also on the theater's roster of illustrious alumni are Martin Balsam, Ossie Davis, Danny DeVito, Jack Klugman, Harvey Korman, Anne Meara, Sidney Poitier, Jerry Stiller, Rod Steiger and Treat Williams. And the theater's couples include Anne Jackson and Eli Wallach, who met in a 1945 production of ''This Property Is Condemned.''


Jean Stapleton remembers being ''an aspiring, very young actress'' when she interviewed for a role in a 1947 production of ''The Corn Is Green,'' which also featured a young actor named Richard Kiley. ''I was assigned a very small part,'' Miss Stapleton said, but she was asked to step in with only 10 days' notice when the leading actress slipped on the ice. ''An agent who saw the show called me and said I'd be right for the road company of 'Harvey,' '' Miss Stapleton said. ''I got the job and that was my first big break in theater.''


Tony Randall's appearances in ''The Second Mrs. Tanqueray'' and ''The Millionairess'' - with Charlton Heston - during the 1948-49 season did not leadd to immediate stardom, but he said the theater had been ''absolutely crucial for many actors' careers.''


''Today, there are all sorts of showcases, but this is the only one with a real budget and full productions,'' said Mr. Randall, who is a member of the theater's board.


Equity Library Theater began its life as a sort of New York City road show, with performances rotating among 11 theaters built during the Depression in branches of the New York Public Library. After the library withdrew its support in 1948, the theater spent a season roaming the city before settling in the Lenox Hill Playhouse on East 70th Street. It stayed there until 1961, when it moved to the Master Theater on Riverside Drive.


''It was a residential hotel for artists, with a theater, studios and a museum, known as the Master Institute of United Arts,'' Mr. Wojtasik explained. This little artists' colony eventually withered, and the family that owned 310 Riverside Drive sold the building in the 1970's, but the theater remained.


In its early years, the theater presented as many as 56 productions annually, but during Mr. Wojtasik's 21-year tenure, its season has been reduced to a more manageable chaotic schedule of four musicals, each of which is performed for four weeks, and four plays, each with three-week runs. ''When E.L.T. was formed, the League of New York Theaters said we couldn't do original works,'' Mr. Wojtasik explained, ''so we only present revivals or public-domain works.''


The theater also agreed with Actors' Equity that - since actors would not be paid - it would try to use Equity members and not charge admission. Tickets now cost $10 ($5 for the elderly) to help support a $750,000 budget, and the theater continues to provide opportunities for about 200 actors during each 40-week season.


''We try to do the full range of theater over four or five seasons,'' Mr. Wojtasik said. ''Our library concept is to try to do one classic and one or two American comedies or dramas a season. And of the musicals, we try to do one contemporary work, one golden oldie and one piece of fluff.'' A successful revival of ''Side by Side by Sondheim'' just closed; Thursday, Bernard Pomerance's ''Elephant Man'' opens.


Actors receive only a subway-and-sandwich stipend of $5 a day, yet 400 to 700 people audition for each production, and about 100 directors vie for eight chances to direct each season. Stars may be made at the theater, but name performers almost never appear. ''I don't want lead roles taken from young actors,'' said Mr. Wojtasik. ''And I don't cotton to the theory of having a star so that actors can have the experience of working with a star.''


In 1986, the theater signed a 15-year lease that will keep it ensconced on Riverside Drive into the 21st century. Its financial health was also helped by the addition last year of a balcony with 116 revenue-producing seats, expanding the theater's capacity to 384 seats.


Given the many constituencies the theater serves, Mr. Wojtasik is sanguine about the theater's future. ''E.L.T. will be alive,'' he said, ''as long as actors want to be seen, casting directors need actors and audiences want to see good, inexpensive theater.''


Johnny Culver, current director of ELT, agrees.



A few reviews:


“An Afternoon with the Piney Fork Press Theater” - January 7, 2012


David Garrick’s “Katherine and Petrucio” at Equity Library Theater




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“And Then There Were None”



2016 Gingerbread Players




2016 Boys and Girls Harbor, Heckscher Theatre

“All in the Timing”                         



2016 First String Players

“The Father (staged reading)”

The Pastor                   


2015 Equity Library Theater

“Timothy and Mary”                    



2015 Columbia University, Manhattan Repertory Theater

“Keeping Up Appearances” 



2015 FAPC Theater Fellowship/Equity Showcase (US Premiere)

 “Our Town”                                    

Howie Newsome      


2014 St. Barts Players

”The Shabbos List”                       

Mike Green                 


2014 Thespis Theater Festival (Full Prod.), the Drama League (Staged Reading)

“Nude with Violin”                       

Clinton Preminger


2014 FAPC Theater Fellowship

“Kiss or Make Up”                        

Hanley Swope            


2014 First String Players

“Bye Bye Birdie”                            

Harry MacAfee          


2013 Gingerbread Players

“Black Ice”                                        

Mr. Burton                   


2012 Manhattan Rep

“Anything Goes”                           

Rev. Dobson               


2012 Maggie’s Theater

“Eben on the Dark Side”            

Eben Scrooge             


2011 2013 Manhattan Rep

“To Kill A Mockingbird”               

Heck Tate                     


2011 St Jeans Players

“Talking Pictures”                          

Mr. Jackson                 


2011 St Jeans Players


Wayne Seabury         


2011 Parkside Players




2010 Gingerbread Players

“The Comedy of Errors”             

Angelo, the Goldsmith


2009 Gingerbread Players

“The Man Who Came to Dinner”




2008 FAPC Theater Fellowship

Playwriting/Directing/Producing (New York)

“All in the Timing (Death of Trotsky)”      Director                        


Working Actors Studio, New York, 2016

“Diary of Anne Frank”                                    Director                        


FAPC Theater Fellowship/Equity Showcase, 2016

“Asylum”                                                             Director                        


The Secret Theater One Act Festival, New York (Kirby Wright, playwright), 2016

“The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde”              Producer                      


Jefferson Market Players, NYPL, 2016

“Edward’s Closet”                                            Director                        


MITF Short Play Lab /13th Street Rep/Between Us Productions, New York (Jenn Dlugos, playwright), 2016

“Trout Day”                                                        Playwright/Director


Equity Library Theater, 2016

“College Without Walls”                                Director/Producer


Manhattan Repertory Theater, 2016 (M. Sanders, playwright)

“Plays by Alice Gerstenberg”                      Director                        


Equity Library Theater, 2015

“Angel on a Yellow Couch”                           Director                        


Strawberry One Act Festival, 2015 (KK Gordon, playwright)

“Potpie Lake”                                                    Playwright/Director


Langston Hughes Cultural Center, 2015

 “Keeping Up Appearances” (US Premiere) Director                 


FAPC Theater Fellowship/Equity Showcase, 2015

 “Across The Lake”                                           Playwright/Director


Students from HB Studios, 2012, Thespian Productions, 2013, Manhattan Repertory Theater, 2014

“A Dolls Life”                                                      Director                        


Thespian Productions, 2014 (Martha Patterson, playwright)

“Fred and Shirley” “Potpie Lake”               Playwright/Director


St. Jeans Players One Act Festival, 2014

“Cowboy Nocturne”                                       Director                        


The Secret Theater One Act Festival, New York (Evan Blake, playwright), 2014

“The Bermuda Curse”                                    Playwright/Director


Students from HB Studios, Cap21 Theater, New York, 2013

Hangin’ with Satan”                                      Director                        


Teatro LATEA, New York, 2013 (Reynaldo Rivera, playwright), 2013

“Something Good to Eat”                             Director                        


Between Us Productions, New York (John Glass, playwright), 2013

“ “The House on the Hill”                              Playwright/Director


New York Public Library/ Lenox Hill Auditorium, 2013

 “The Bionic Woman Scrapbook”               Playwright/Director


Love Creek Productions, the Producers Club, 2012

“In Swirly Letters”                                            Playwright/Director

55th and Bleecker” at Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, 2012

“You Don’t Have To Go To Kansas…”        Director                        


Love Creek Productions, 2012 (Le Wilhelm, playwright)

 “Another Life”                                                  Director                        


Strawberry One Act Festival, 2012 (A. Esposito, playwright)

 “The Value of Empty Boxes”                      Director/Producer


Manhattan Repertory Theater, 2011 (A. Leventman, playwright)

“A Bite to Eat with Edwina”                          Playwright                    


The Puzzle, Marble Collegiate Church, New York, 2011

“Equity Library Theater Playwriting Festival” Director/Producer


New York, 2012 -