New York’s Equity Library/Piney Fork Theater

2015 Summer Playwriting Festival

New York City


July 11, NYPL Alvin Ailey Auditorium @1pm

New York Public Library - Alvin Ailey Auditorium

203 West 115th Street (B C 2 3 to 116th Street)

(212) 666-9393


Happy Ending – Greg Nanni

Through Me – Quinton Cockrell

Kourtier – Wayne Paul Mattingly

That Interspecies Tingle – Dorothea Cahan

Beatrix – Lee Miller

Bingo, the Birthday Clown – Daniel Guyton

At What Price – Cheryl Navo

The Painting – Jim Gordon

Driving Herd – Sam Graber



July 18, NYPL George Bruce Auditorium@2pm

NYPL George Bruce Theater

518 West 125th Street (at Amsterdam Ave.)
New York, NY 10027-3407

(A B C D 1 to 125th Street)
(212) 662-9727


The Farmer Takes a Wife – Margaret Ost

Sniff – Val Valdez

The Puddle – Isaac Himmelman

Going Up – Cynthia Morrison

Red as Blood – Regina Robbins

Derek – Les Thomas

Waiting for Hermann Haber – Jamie Hovis

The Little Man Who Wasn’t  There – Ron Frankel

Incident on West 43rd Street – Tommy Nichols

Death Likes to Monologue – Lindsay Adams


July 25, NYPL Grand Central Auditorium@1pm

135 East 46th Street (between Lexington & Third Aves.),

New York, NY 10017
(212) 621-0670


A Giant Leap - Arwen Mitchell

Hesitation – David Getz

Just another Park Bench Play – Paul Dickey

Transparency - Thomas Block

Gnomes and Dolls – Winson Thai

It’s Over – Mackenzie Jahnke

Comrades - John Cappelletti

Why This Script Isn’t Memorized – Kurt Sass

Sara’s Got A Secret – John Ladd

Timothy and Mary – Sam Robson