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Upcoming Events Spring 2016


Free admission to all!


Equity Library Theater presents presents a free concert by The Village Light Opera Guild of Manhattan January 9th @ 1pm at the NYPL Alvin Ailey Auditorium

203 West 115th Street (B C 2 3 to 116th Street) (212) 666-9393


“Miscast, So Wrong, So Right”


A musical cabaret featuring the Village Light Opera Guild of New York

The cabaret, in which singers will perform numbers for which they are the wrong gender, age, type, etc., will feature solos/duets/small group numbers, as well as two full cast numbers. Broadway music for the entire family!



Anik Baker

Gina Brill

Brian Dann

Becca Garcia

Rachel Smith Goodman

Stephanie Haring

James Higgins

Jen MacNeil Danenberg

Abby Shupy

Robin Sorenson

Lauren Trapido

Sarah Trapido

Keith Walters

Ben Watts

Rebecca Weiler


Producers: Rachel Smith Goodman and Lauren Trapido

Musical Director: James Higging

Choreographer: Abby Shuppy


Equity Library Theater presents our Winter 2016 Play Festival

February 13th, NYPL George Bruce Auditorium@2pm

518 West 125th Street (at Amsterdam Ave.)New York, NY 10027-3407

(A B C D 1 to 125th Street)(212) 662-9727


Presenting these (very) short plays by writers from all over!:

Hitler’s Mother - Burton Swartz

With: Burton Swartz


What is Love - Robert Noll

Directed by: Robert Noll /With: Aidan Doren, Allan Gitlin 


This is a Test - Barry Ernst

Directed by: Deborah Cascio Plezia /With: Danielle DelOrfano, Thaddeus Plezia 


Why this Script isn't Memorized - Kurt Sass

With: Kurt Sass


Love is Love - Molly Kirschner

With: Molly Kirschner 


Push Up - Sam Graber

Directed by: /With: 


The Doglovers - Jack Gilhooey

Directed by: Kendra Augustin /With: Kendra Augustin, and Anaseini Katoa


Agape - Karin Fazio Littlefield

Directed by: Roark Littlefield/With: Katarina Vizina


Annie’s Ghost - Matt Sanders

Directed by: Eric Leeb /With: Tatiana Birenbaum, Eric Leeb, Erez Ron

Last Call - Tom Stephens

With: Terri Matassov 


John - Jodie Leidecker

Directed by: /With: Clarissa Hoffmann


Solo Show - David Meyers

Directed by: Matt Jordan /With: David Meyers


Use of library space by Piney Fork Press/Equity Library Theater for this program does not indicate endorsement by The New York Public Library. Some actors appear courtesy of Equity. The recording/photographing of any of these pieces is permitted, only with approval from the festival. The order pf the plays presented may vary from the above program listing. Thanks Junelle Carter-Bowman!


March 26th, NYPL Alvin Ailey@1pm

203 West 115th Street (B C 2 3 to 116th Street)

(212) 666-9393

Trout Day by Johnny Culver “Join talented actors from Equity Library Theater as they present this new comedy by playwright Johnny Culver. Set on the first day of school in the mid-Seventies, join two old friends who reunite to stop a bizarre small-town tradition gone very awry. Clueless parents, talking ducks, an odd, overseas visitor and more!”


May 14th NYPL Grand Central@1pm

A new play by John Cappelletti, retired professor at High School of the Performing Arts in NYC.


May 21st NYPL Alvin Ailey@1pm

An hour of plays by Pennsylvania writer KK Gordon.


And in July, our summer play festival. Thirty plus plays from NYC area playwrights!


For more information, call 631 898 4205!


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