Piney Fork Press Theater Festival June 2013 New York City

Over 30 short plays by writers from across the country in a casual setting.

Both staged readings and full productions.


Saturday June 8 NYPL Lincoln Center/Riverside at 1pm

127 Amsterdam Avenue (at W. 65th St.), New York, NY 10023-6447
(212) 870-1810


Tom Deiker

There’s an Extra Patient(directed by Ian Ogden/with Ben Monk, Richard O'Brien)


Lawrence DuKore

Round Midnight (with Brittany Costa, Troy Pepicelli)


Asher Wyndham

Young Veteran Adam Amerson

(with Greg Carere /directed by Sherri Eden Barber)


Christopher Woods

Man with a White Cane (with Michael Pichardo)


Richard Ballon

Bulgakov (with Jacinthe Connor) &

Cassandras Choice (with Richard A. Epstein)


Marj O'Neill-Butler

My Silver Mirror (with Cynthia David)


Lucy Wang

Pretty for an Asian Girl (directed by Anna Strasser/ with Jo Mei)


Mark Harvey Levine

Birthday Party (directed by Kymberly Tuttle/with Shannon Munley)


Thomas Misuraca

Penance (with Suzanne Schick)


Saturday June 15 NYPL Broadway Branch at 2:30pm

40-20 Broadway (M R to Steinway Street)

Long Island City, NY 11103

(718) 721-2462


Gabriel Davis

The Fact Checker (with Jose Ignacio Gomez)


Jack Feldstein

Ordinary (with Lila Smith and Daniel Broadhurst)


Anthony R Pezzula

Room 12 (directed by Kate Eminger/with Becky Leifman and Christopher Pesto)


Scott Tobin

Scratch Off (directed by Melissa Farinelli/with Julia Morgantini, Nancy Elton, Michael Rehse, Kurt Roediger, Chelsea Clark)


Joseph Passarella

God and the Book Publisher (with Mark Singer, Martha Morenstein)


Barbara Blumenthal-Ehrlich

Attention Shoppers (directed by Liza Bulos/with Karen Paulemon, Colin Walker)


John McCaffery

Interview Explained (with Mark Singer, Johnny Culver)


Johnny Culver

Welcome Wagon (with Lori Feren, Hayley Adkisson)


Saturday June 22 NYPL Alvin Ailey Auditorium at 1pm

203 West 115th Street (2 3 to 116th Street)
New York, NY 10026-2403
(212) 666-9393


Sean Pomposello

Dark Future (with Doryan Robinson)


Rosebud Ben-Oni

Nikita (Directed by Dennis Yueh-Yueh Li/with Katherine Gordon and

Claire Shang-Ling Kuei)


Mike Fresta

Six Fingers (with Mike Fresta and Peter Kendall)


Patricia Milton

Stuck in the Middle (directed by Melanie Sutherland/ with Julianne Carpenter, Hugh Sinclair)


Philip Kaplan

Chairing Up (directed by Philip Kaplan/with Kathryn Stevens, Ben Guralnik)


CJ Ehrlich

All’s Fair in Love and Science (with Mark Solari, Jonathan Weirich)


Johnny Culver

Welcome Wagon (with Suzanne Schick, Hayley Adkisson)


Barbara Blumenthal-Ehrlich

Attention Shoppers (directed by Liza Bulos/with Karen Paulemon, Colin Walker)



Saturday June 29th NYPL Grand Central Branch at 1pm

135 East 46th Street (between Lexington & Third Aves.),

New York, NY 10017
(212) 621-0670


Hank Kimmel

Your Local Neighborhood Pharmacy

(directed by Terri Matassov/with Mike Miller, Terri Matassov, Andrew Dinan, Johnny Culver)


Jack Feldstein


(with Lila Smith and Daniel Broadhurst)


Daniel Highet

The Love of your Life

(directed by Terri Matassov/with Mark Miller, Terri Matassov, Andrew Dinan, Martha Morenstein, Janice Vavallo)


Phillip Hall

Business Plan

(with Matt Nicholas, James Colgan)


Emily Cutler

Dropping the Question


Adam Esquenazi Douglas

Death Gas…


Susan Goodell

The Hour/No History

(with Russell Jordan, Patricia Durante, Kelly Kay Griffith, William Kozy)


Wayne Mattingly

Sisters of Mercy (directed by Laralu Smith/with Zoe Anastassiou, Cristina Doikos, Meghan Hales, Jessica Mansfield, Terri Matassov)


Max Gill

Total Disclosure

(with Martha Morenstein)



Free admission.

For more information call 631 898 4205, or email