The Piney Fork Theater Playwriting Festival (Part Three)


Saturday August 23rd 1pm NYPL George Bruce Theater

518 West 125th Street (at Amsterdam Ave.)
New York, NY 10027-3407

(A B C D 1 to 125th Street)
(212) 662-9727


Rahti Gorfien - Drinking Buddies

(directed by Tia James, with Tia James and Moquisha Brown)


Zanne Hall – Bygones

(directed by Christine Gaden, with Nick Leone and Maryann Post)


Laryssa Wirstiuk– Do Not Call List

(directed by Laryssa Wirstiuk, with Laryssa Wirstiuk and Jim Behrle)


Joe Krawczyk - Morning Ritual

(directed by Jessica Jennings, with Tom Kane and Katherine Wessling)


Esta Fischer - Macs Witches

(directed by Tom Morwick, with Kelly Sindell, Madeleine Meceli, Lila Weingast, and Robert Lachina)


Mike Rendino – Crossing

(directed by Sally Deering, with Nancy Gray and Jeff Burchfield)


Max Gill - Open Secrets

(with Maggie Roberts and Aviona Rodriguez-Brown)


Kurt Sass – Sighted

(directed by Dan Chen, with Hailey DiApice and Kieran Quinn Kerekes)


Stephanie Iscovitz - Juniper & Scottie

(directed by Stephanie Iscovitz, with Meredith Burns and Sarah DuRivage-Jacobs)


Brandon Beck – Break Up Play

(directed by Brandon Beck, with Beth Scorzato and Christian Vernon)


John Ladd – Ashes to Ashes


(with Joscelyne Wilmouth)


Scott Haskell – Womanhood


(directed by Scott Haskell, with Jay Burnstein and Wynne Wilder)


And an encore performance of last year’s best play:

Barbara Blumenthal-Ehrlich - Attention Shoppers

(directed by Liza Bulos/with Martin Balaguer, Stacey Hardke and Carly Wilkins)


Use of library space by Piney Fork Press Theater for this program does not indicate endorsement by The New York Public Library. Some actors appear courtesy of Equity. The recording/photographing of any of these pieces is not permitted. The order pf the plays presented may vary from the above program listing.


October 18th, join us for a staged reading of Katharine and Petruchio, a reworking of William Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew written by British playwright and actor David Garrick, right here in this space.  December brings a staged reading of The Shabbos List, by Lisa Winkler, at the Drama League. And, in 2015, we’ll likely be presenting a staged reading of The Show Shop, a 1919 Broadway comedy by James Forbes from back in 1919, as well as the next edition of our popular playwriting festival (we have over 100 submissions so far!). If interested in participating (acting or directing in The Show Shop or the play festival), please submit resumes to


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